Merges and branches for next release

I have updated develop with my latest changes (Annotations menu for applet etc) and merged this to Release_2_8_3 branch.

I’ll continue on Release_2_8_3 branch.

The last cruise-control build of develop failed with classpath errors, e.g.:

  • ​org.apache.log4j.* not found (should be in lib/min-jabaws-client-2.1.0.jar)

  • packages org.biodas.jdas.schema.sources, jdas, jdas.client, jdas.client.threads not found

    • ? because compiler gave up on these packages (top of build report) due to missing org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonProperty
  • it also reports missing

    • lib/castor-1.1-cycle-xml.jar
    • also lib/jfreesvg-2.1.jar
    • also lib/miglayout-4.0-swing.jar
    • also lib/jhall.jar



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