London 2014 Jalview One Day Workshop

The Jalview Team warmly invite you to attend our London 2014 workshop on sequence alignment and analysis with Jalview, hosted by the Orengo Group at University College London.

Location: University College London

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Cost: £15 students / £25 non-students (includes tea, coffee and lunch)


The workshop is for anyone who works with protein and RNA sequences. The day combines hands-on sequence alignment, editing, annotation and analysis exercises using Jalview with talks about alignment algorithms, phylogenetic tree generation, 3D molecular visualisation, secondary structure and disorder prediction.

The workshop is suitable for both Jalview novices and experienced users who would like to learn more about Jalview’s capabilities, and is a great opportunity to discuss analysis problems with Jalview developers.

For the full schedule, please take a look at the course homepage:

A poster of the event can be downloaded at:

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Dr Suzanne Duce

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Date: Monday 15th December 2014