Jalview v2.9.0b1 patch release

Dear Jalviewers!

We've just uploaded a patch release for Version 2.9. The new version addresses the following issues:

* Updated Spanish translations of localized text for 2.9
* Signed OSX InstallAnywhere installer for the Application
* Support for per-sequence based annotations in BioJSON
* New Split frame example on the Jalview applet page

Around 17 bugs were addressed, including the following key problems:

* Mapping of cDNA to protein in split frames incorrect when sequence start > 1
* Feature colours not parsed from features file
* incomplete link URLs recovered when loading a features file containing HTML tags
* corrupted annotations after BioJS export and reimport
* Incorrect sequence limits after Fetch DB References with 'trim retrieved sequences'

Happy Jalviewing!
Jim, Mungo, Tochukwu, Suzanne and Geoff.