Jalview Sequence Fetcher has stopped working

Hi All.

I've just verified that the Uniprot XML schema has just been updated,
and the Jalview Sequence Fetcher is now playing catchup - that is - you
will currently not be able to retrieve sequences from the EBI using the
'fetch Sequences' dialog in the jalview application.

Daryl Tacon wrote:

Hi, I have had Jalview running successfully on my PC. Unfortunately, the fetch sequences function has stopped working

Thanks for alerting me to this Daryl - watch this list for news of when
the development version :


is updated.



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I just checked in the fix to the Uniprot XML parser in the development
version - it appears to work but do let me know if things are behaving



ps. another fix may come today for the PFAM fetcher - which also appears
to be out of sync with PFAM's retrieval URLs.