Jalview release?


Is there a jalview release planned soon or a minor release for small
feature updates planned?



Hello, Albert.

Is there a jalview release planned soon or a minor release for small
feature updates planned?

Not within the next couple of weeks, I'm afraid (I know I mentioned early February to you 3 weeks ago!). This is because there are too many features in the current development release that are neither finished or documented for me to be able to complete a release within the next two weeks.

We have not yet devised a standard release cycle for Jalview, including regular major and minor releases - although I understand that this is (as you have told me!) a standard requirement of open source projects, the current web site, project management, and bug tracking systems we have in place in Dundee are not up to the job. This means that, at least for the next 3 months, we will stick to the the existing Jalview release model, which involves a simultaneous applet, application and documentation release roughly every 3 months.

The way I have been doing this with our current source control and continuous integration set up is as follows:

1. development branch is forked to a new release branch - the release branch is continuously integrated at http://www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk/users/ws-dev1/jalview/release/
2. release branch is tested, patched, documented until its verified as stable by human testers (there is no formal incremental testing framework in Jalview - as yet).
3. Release branch artefacts (source tarball, webstart and InstallAnywhere application bundles, applet jars, online help documentation, applet parameter documentation) are packaged for release on www.jalview.org - at this point the web site will be updated and email announcements sent to jalview-discuss and jalview-announce.
4. (post-release) Relevant patches that were applied to the release branch are backported onto development branch.

I hope to take step one and begin step two within the next two weeks. It then usually takes at least a week to push through the validation stage for the subset of features in development and I will then wait until Thursday of that (or the following) week to update the website with the new release. By my calendar, that would be either Thursday the 25th of February or the 11th of March 2010.


ps. It sounds like you have some specific requirements/deadlines in mind for the next release. Do you want to discuss them on list ?


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