Jalview projects for Google Summer of Code 2011

Dear all.

We hope to again participate in this years Google Summer of Code (GSOC), as part of NESCent's Phyloinformatics Summer of Code ([https://www.nescent.org/wg_phyloinformatics/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2011](https://www.nescent.org/wg_phyloinformatics/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2011)); and I cordially invite those of you who are or know of people eligible for the scheme (ie. in full time education) to begin to dream up your own summer of code project based on Jalview (and any other open source bioinformatics project you'd like to work with!). ``Some of you may remember Lauren Lui, who worked on developing new RNA secondary structure visualization capabilities for Jalview as part of the Google Summer of Code 2010 - she came up with her idea because it made jalview more useful for her PhD work. This`` is one of the best motivations for doing GSOC !

If you'd like to discuss potential Jalview project ideas, please get in contact with me, or alternately, Peter Troshin, should you have any ideas about extending JABAWS ([http://www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk/jabaws](http://www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk/jabaws)). There are also a lot of great ideas already on the Phyloinformatics SOC wiki (see - e.g. ``[https://www.nescent.org/wg_phyloinformatics/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2010](https://www.nescent.org/wg_phyloinformatics/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2010))``, and even a few buried in Jalview's own bug tracker (issues.jalview.org).

Finally, please remember that the list of organisations that will participate in this year's GSOC will be announced on March 18th 2011. After this, prospective students should get in contact with mentors to develop their project proposals before submitting them to the GSOC site by the 8th April 2011.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!


Subject: [PhyloSoC] We are gearing up for Phyloinformatics Summer of Code 2011
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:44:54 -0500
From: Hilmar Lapp hlapp@nescent.org
To: Phyloinformatics Summer of Code phylosoc@nescent.org, Phyloinformatics Group Wg-phyloinformatics@nescent.org
CC: Karen Cranston karen.cranston@nescent.org

Google have announced the list of organizations that will participate in
the summer of code this year, and I'm very pleased to let you all know
that we will be participating as part of the NESCent Summer of Code

A selection of potential projects are listed here (search for Jalview to
find mine)

Remember - if you have an idea of your own project for Jalview, then
please get in contact ASAP so I can help you start to prepare your
application !



J. B. Procter (JALVIEW/ENFIN) Barton Bioinformatics Research Group
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The University of Dundee is a Scottish Registered Charity, No. SC015096.

Dear all!

I'm pleased to say that NESCEnt (http://informatics.nescent.org/wiki/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2012) will again participate in the Google Summer of Code. I'm also proud to say that this year, I'll be learning ropes as an organisation admin by helping out as co-admin with Karen Cranston.

The http://informatics.nescent.org/wiki/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2012 page has a fine selection of potential projects, including a continuation of last year's Jalview RNA development theme.

If you, or anyone you know, is in full time education (high-school, uni or grad-school), and fancy coding the summer away with a few thousand dollars from Google, then send them over to http://informatics.nescent.org/wiki/Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2012

If phyloinformatics isn't their thing, then they should also take a look at the main GSOC website at http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2012 where there are 180 participating organisations and over 400 potential mentors they could work with !

Hear from you soon!
Jim Procter.