Jalview: Problem with Colour/Percent identity

Thanks very much for your email Klara !

I believe I encountered bug in the program. In the past (about a year or two ago), I used Jalview to color a sequence alignment by percent identity. When I tried again today (using Launch Jalview Desktop from the jalview website), the result was very different. I do not believe that this is due to insufficient memory.

This is indeed a bug. I reproduced the problem with our demo protein
alignment and what seems to be happening is that colour by conservation
is enabled by default when percent identity shading is applied,
regardless of what the Colour menu shows. I've filed it here:

Your help with sorting this out will be much appreciated.

We should be able to fix this in the next 24 hours on the 'Release'
development build, and we'll also included in our bug-fix release this week.

Thanks for taking the time to report this!
Jim Procter


On 23/10/2016 02:41, Briknarova, Klara wrote:

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