Jalview feature request for the Jalview Applet

Hello Wei - thanks for your vote for this feature request !

This is excetly what we are looking for in our project as well. User has been asking for the print feature, so they can have the hard copy with them. Looking forward for it, so if possible, can you let us know the time table for getting this feature?

Timetabling features is particularly difficult at the moment since I'm way behind schedule for the current release - which has involved some fairly extensive re-engineering of the internal API and rendering code.

If your users really want print capability right now, I'd recommend you provide a link that opens the same data in the application (see this post for an explanation - http://www.jalview.org/pipermail/jalview-discuss/2008-May/000062.html).

Unfortunately, there's no straightforward way to send a snapshot of the applet to the application - yet - we need to extend the servlet to support POSTing of data so it can be staged at temporary URLs ready for download by the application (the servlet currently translates the applet file, tree, colourscheme, annotation and features file input parameters to application command line arguments directly). If your server already provides a way of stashing uploaded data as URLs then you might be able to implement the staging yourself - by using the existing jalviewLite api calls to retrieve the current alignment, annotation and visible features, stash them at temporary URLs, and post those URLs to the launchApplication servlet.

There's a reasonable chance that PNG export javascript methods will be added to the API in the next release, but implementing these methods isn't completely straightforward since I'd need to refactor the existing export code from the application into a shared package. That particular refactoring task *is* in the Jalview 2.8.x roadmap, but I've already hit a few unexpected bumps along the way :slight_smile: That being said, I'd be very happy to merge in patches if anyone would like to have a go at this !



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