Jalview applet and menubar

Hi really like using jalview…
I normally use it offline using webstart. Today I tried to launch it as an applet on my mac from the pfam database at http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Pfam/

I am using the Java 1.5.0 plugin.

How do I get the applet window to show the menu-bar containing file -edit-search etc options?
The only menu bar I see on the mac is my firefox menubar even though the mouse focus is on the applet window.

Without the menu bar I am powerless…your help will be greatly appreciated

Hari Jayaram
Brandeis University

Hi all.

I've checked on the local minimac, and the story about the jalview applet menu bar and OSX is as follows:

Firefox and derivatives running on OSX run java applets as subsidiary application contexts to themselves. This means that as far as OSX is concerned, the user sees the sum of all the current application contexts relevant to the current input focus.

Practically, the situation is shown here:


The image shows the File menu for the Jalview applet pulled down from the top menu bar, and the Camino pull down menus to the left of it. But, here is the snag - it is impossible to see or get to the File menu for the applet unless you first click in the jalview applet alignment window to give it the input focus (the same is true with the File menu of the jalview applet tree viewer window, or PDB viewer!).

If anyone knows any way around this 'feature' of OSX, answers on a postcard to the usual address!

ho hum.