Jalview 2.6 Now Available from www.jalview.org

I'm very pleased to announce that a new version of the Jalview multiple sequence alignment editor and analysis system is now available for download from www.jalview.org.

Jalview 2.6 introduces new web services provided by the JABA web services framework (see www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk/jabaws for more information), and its structure visualisation system has been updated to take advantage of capabilities in the latest version of Jmol.

Highlights in Jalview Version 2.6

  * JABA Web Services for multiple alignment using:
     o ClustalW
     o MAFFT
     o Muscle
     o ProbCons
     o T-COFFEE
  * User modifiable alignment service parameters
  * Visualization of superposed structures associated with protein or nucleotide sequence alignments.
  * Export coordinates and projection as CSV from PCA viewer

Some of the issues resolved in this release:
  * Improved layout of Enfin Envision submission service.
  * clustalx colourscheme colours Ds preferentially when a column is over 50% acidic
  * Sequence fetcher does not replace ',' for ';' when querying DAS sequence sources
  * InstallAnywhere builds fail to launch on certain Mac OS X versions

As usual, please see the release history at www.jalview.org/releaseHistory.html for the full details, and should you experience any problems with this new version, please send an email to the discussion list at jalview-discuss@jalview.org, or file a bug report on the jalview bug tracker at issues.jalview.org. (ps. If you've never filed a bug report before, then check out the FAQ at http://www.jalview.org/faq.html#reportbug ).

Finally, I've also posted the list of Jalview training courses that we are running this year. We will be running three courses over the coming months, in Oxford (4th Oct), Berkeley (25th Oct), and a 1 dat residential course at the EBI. See http://www.jalview.org/training.html for the list, and links to the host institution.

Happy Jalviewing!

Jim Procter, for the Jalview Team.



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