Jalview 2.5 Release

Dear Jalviewers.

Once again, I am pleased to announce that a new version of Jalview is now available from the website.

Jalview version 2.5 integrates features that been developed over the last two years, since version 2.4's release in 2008. The major improvements in this release are described below.

Sequence Feature Visualization


A new feature colour model has been introduced that enables features of a particular type to be shaded according to their score, or associated label text. Features may also be excluded according to score, enabling low or high scoring annotations to be easily revealed, and new buttons enable them to be used for re-ordering the alignment.

Alignment Annotation
Sequence logos have been added to the consensus annotation in The Jalview Desktop. The jalview 2.5 alignment annotation model aslo includes a number of improvements, including support for group associated annotation rows, which can also be enabled from the Jalview desktop.

ENFIN Services in the Jalview Desktop

The Jalview Desktop's 'Web Services' menu now provides the option to submit sequences and sequence IDs to the Envision2 system for further analysis. Envision2 is a web application hosted at the European Bioinformatics Institute, which provides access to EnCORE services developed by research groups within the ENFIN European Network of Excellence (www.enfin.org). Envision2 is aimed at systems biologists, and enables them to execute workflows that access a range of databases and analysis services to gather experimental data and predictions about a set of proteins.

The next Jalview Release
Jalview 2.6 is scheduled for release in the middle of this year. The major changes that are planned for this release are as follows:

   * Upgrade the embedded instance of Jmol used by Jalview
   * Introduce a new Alignment Web Services framework
   * Extend the JalviewLite javascript API with mouse over and selection events

That's all for now! Watch out for a new Jalview update newsletter in the next few months.

Happy Jalviewing
Jim Procter.

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