how to create jalview shortcuts.

Dear Armando.

It sounds like you have used the Webstart version of Jalview - which is
a web based java application launch system. This is the best way to run
Jalview, but it means that instead of the application being installed
locally on your machine, it is 'cached' - like your web browser hangs on
to a version of a page so it can be reloaded quickly.

After running Jalview via webstart a few times you should be given the
option of creating shortcuts, but if you want to create them right away
then follow these instructions :

1. Press the start button and select the 'Run...' dialog (if you are
using windows XP).

2. type javaws -viewer

3. The Java Console should appear, and after a moment, the Java Cache
Viewer will also appear. In the Java Cache Viewer, look for the 'Jalview
' Application entry and right click to bring up a menu. Select the
'Install shortcuts' option, and the shortcuts will be created.

If you want to find out more about webstart, there is lots of
documentation on the sun web site

happy Jalviewing.
Jim Procter.

Villasenor, Armando wrote:


Hello Jalview 2.3 representatives,

I installed the application on my windows machine without trouble (from
your site: After installation the
application launched without trouble-------I was able to open some fasta
files. However, I have attempted to create a shortcut and failed. I’m
not able to create a short cut for this application--------not within
the start menu and not within the desktop. Do you have some tips on how
to create a shortcut for Jalview?

Side note:

I ran a search for Jalview in the program files folder but did not find it.

I did not find it in the startàall programs list either.

I look forward to your tips

Thanks a lot,

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