error on loadAlignment function

I have been working on passing an alignment from a website to the applet i experimented with different ways but i found one way that Works on most computers , except on some i get errors trying to open jalview (in IE its :object doesn’t support this property or method and in Firefox the error is :loadAlignment is not a function).

The strange thing is that an identical computer with the same browsers and versions has no errors at all and works perfectly.
any ideas on what might cause this problems?

code I use: (this code is used inside a perl cgi script hence the slashes and quotes)
function startJalview_(title,alwvar)


alignment ="$jalview_alignment";

eval(‘var ‘+alwvar+’ = document.JalviewLite.loadalignment(alignment,title)’);


Things I tried:
checking permissions(of all the files )
checking browser settings( eg scripts enabled)
changing names/capitals, removed the var from’var alignment ="$jalview_alignment"; ’ and made loadAlignment all lowercase( possible fixes I found on the internet).

Thanks in advance,

Hi Thomas