Alignment window beyond top of Jalview window

I have a recurring problem, where I somehow drag an alignment window out of bounds in the Java window. This is on MacOS 10.6.7 running Jalview 2.6.1. You may view a screen grab of my current problem here:

Is this a bug? Or do you know an easy way to reset the window coordinates?



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Hi Mark.

Forgot to add - G gathers the alignment views into the one with the current input focus - so you need to pick a view which does have its title bar visible to gather all the views into !



On 06/05/2011 09:33, Jim Procter wrote:

From the bug report, you can see there is a workaround: A colleague - Richard Bickerton found that if you use X, followed by G, to expand and then collect all the views on the alignment (after first creating another view with control-T if you don’t have one), then all the windows should get placed within the visible region of the desktop again.