adding a new colour scheme menu item notes

Hi Lauren (and everyone)

Further to our teleconference, here's the notes about adding a new colourscheme class to the colouring menu - I hope they're coherent!

0. make sure you've edited the ColourSchemeProperty. class to add in a new enumeration symbol (e.g. ColourSchemeProperty.MYCOLOURSCHEME)

1. create a new Jradio menu item to GAlignFrame and add it to the colourscheme menu.
2. edit setColourSelected function in GAlignFrame to check the menu item when the colourscheme is selected.

3. add menu item text and action settings into the jbInit function so it calls a protected GAlignFrame action method (copy the nucleotideColour button example)
3.a. add your menu item to the colourMenu window menu (at end of jbInit)
3.b. add your menu item to the colours ButtonGroup
4. create a new public method with the identical name (myButton_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)) which calls changeColour(my new colourscheme)

5. For more complex colourschemes, you'll need to make sure any calculated values (e.g. covariation) are completed before the colourscheme is applied in the AlignFrame.<xxx>_actionPerformed function

Finally! Repeat process in the PopupMenu - but this time, there is no GPopupMenu! (this is because PopupMenu is a dynamic menu, so the JBuilder mechanism isn't used).

Have fun!


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